It’s Russia Day on June 12, so let’s celebrate all things Russian and hot.

Safin’s back (the other side is too hot to show)

1)   Marat Safin: The rumors are true, he was forced to retire from professional tennis so he could be hot full-time.



Alex Bego photo

3)   Alex Bego (Russian photographer): God bless you, Alex, for this…

5)   Roman Shirokov: He can kick a soccer ball and look pretty at the same time, that’s multi-tasking.

6)   Russian models: Emin Abdulaev and Ekaterina Vinogradova raise the bar of human beauty impossibly high…

Swan Lake gets sexed up

7)   Russian ballet: not a tutu in sight…I guess all that hotness might melt the tulle.

8)   Alexander Mikhaylovich Ovechkin: Hotness on skates.

Where can I buy a pair of those?

9)   Tim Golovlev: I’ve never wanted to buy myself a pair of Calvin Klein jocks before, but I do now.

We never did this at Girl Guides…

10) Spetsnaz: I know this isn’t meant to be hot, but damn, any man who can take down the enemy with a reverse backflip axe throw deserves more than a medal, he deserves a good shagging.

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