OMG, I haven’t blogged since February, sheeeeyit. But, yanno, I’ve been doing fings, so a girl gets busy and all, and, and…

virginity mission2Okay, enough of my excuses. Now I’m going to talk about Cate Ellink’s new book, The Virginity Mission. I’m excited about this one because before I knew Cate very well, she sent me the MS to take a look and let her know what I thought. I was worried, because I’d just joined the erotic romance writers’ forum and I thought, eek, what if I think it’s poopy??

But it wasn’t! Not even a little bit poopy!

Instead, I loved the inner and outer (physical) journey of the main character, Mac. Her scientific expedition’s trek through the wilderness meshed really well with her journey of seeking to change herself (through losing her virginity) and (unintentionally) falling for someone. Ellink captures all the insecurities and hopes of the female protagonist perfectly (she’s great at writing emotion) and the main character is very authentic and credible, someone you could imagine running into in real life and liking. Author does a great job of stringing out the suspense, so watch out, this one’s a page-turner (I read the whole thing in one sit). Those hoping for a giant raptor to show up and eat half the characters will be disappointed, but if you’re after a satisfying, believable romance then you can’t go wrong with this one. (If I hadn’t liked the book, I probably would have been hoping for raptors.)

Check it out for yourself in June, or take a peek at the blurb at Escape Publishing.