Go, Aussie romance writers!

Romance Writers of Australia

Romance plays a starring role, as do THREE Australian authors (all RWA members!)

I am always fascinated by the huge variation in best-selling and most-applauded books that occurs across the three primary English-language book markets: America, Great Britain and Australia. While there is usually an overlap between the UK and the Australian markets, the American market is quite often so different that I am left metaphorically scratching my neurons and wondering why I am not familiar with titles many of their readers love. You would think that a great book would be a bestseller in all the markets given the language and cultural similarities. Yes, I do know there are differences, but let’s face it, they’re not that challenging. If you were the victim of a time-travel experiment gone wrong that landed you on the set of a contemporary American reality TV show, and you were asked to change a…

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